Boosting Florida’s agricultural economic engine through collaboration with key industry and educational partners is the primary goal of the Employ Florida Banner Center for Agriscience. Started in July 2009, the Banner Center is located at Florida Farm Bureau (FFB) in Gainesville and is focused on building a talent pipeline of future agriscience workers in areas such as agricultural biotechnology, agricultural technology, veterinary assisting, animal science and services and agricultural communications.

Underscoring the urgency and significance of the Banner Center for Agriscience are the recognized benefits and impacts Florida’s diverse agriculture industry has on the state’s economy. A longtime economic engine, agriculture in Florida provides jobs – from entry level to management– for over 750,000 citizens and produces commodities valued at more than $7.8 billion.



The Employ Florida Banner Center for Agriscience strengthens agriculture and Agriculture Education in Florida through rigorous and relevant curriculum, viable industry relationships and strong partnerships.


Recognizing that agriculture is a driving force behind Florida’s economy, the Employ Florida Banner Center for Agriscience ensures a strong partnership between the agricultural industry and Agriculture Education for a prosperous future.